You now could become more effective in the protection of your community and its on-site assets. Technology advancements have made it cost-effective for every property to be proactive in the observation of the community's activity. Traditionally, owners and managers would take the time to perform their "President Inspections" of the community in person. Gatekeeper’s state- of-the-art scalable CCTV remote & event monitoring system allows you to stay in touch with your communities' considerable activity from afar. Your CCTV remote system can be monitored by your staff at key times of your choice. Since the CCTV video feed is transmitted over the internet, you have the ability to view and supervise your community at any time, from anywhere. You can watch several locations at once. The digital data storage allows you save your data for later event tracking and analysis. That's where Gatekeepers professionals can help. We will design a scalable state of the art CCTV system that fits your community's character. Our installation teams and "Best in Class" service response ensures many years of reliable operations for your community. With Gatekeepers, you get the dedicated support of experienced experts. We can help you design a cohesive, scalable system that will meet all your monitoring needs and fit within your budget. Because our engineers have an unparalleled understanding of the industry, we know what challenges lie ahead and we will guide you through the system selection process. We offers our customers a turnkey solution to manage their project. You get a project manager who will communicate with you throughout the installation, and our service response team to support you for years to come. Gatekeepers truly is your single source service solution.