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Automated gates are similar to most machines in that they perform better and last longer when properly maintained.
Inspection, testing, and lubrication as well as checking for any damage or unusual wear should be done on a regular basis.
Here in SW Florida we are blessed with warm tropical weather that also is loved by rodents, reptiles and insects.  And they love gate operators.  Our Maintenance program checks for all these issues once
every month
with an experienced gate technician.  
Each month we deliver to you a written report describing in detail what we did and if we find any repairs that might be needed for proper operation or for safety.
Here is a
list of what we will do:
Check and tighten hinges or rollers as needed.
Check for excessive wear or stress.
Check for proper gate alignment and adjust if required.
Oil and grease hinges, chains and other moving parts that require lubrication.
Test loops, loop detectors, photo beams and other safety devices for proper operation.
Check overall gate system for proper operation.
Replace desiccant dry packs as needed.
Check operation of telephone entry.
Test run times.
Check CCTV cameras; clean lens, alignment, check DVR.
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to learn more about this program
Monthly Maintenance Program
Don’t let this happen to your expensive equipment!
239 400-GATE (4283)